A childcare expert's guide to enjoying your parenting!
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What Is This Book About?
Firstly, I want to state that THIS IS NOT another book about how to be the perfect parent! 
In fact that is the whole purpose of this book. Acknowledging that none of us are perfect and instead of trying to attain some unreachable standard, we simply relax, learn some simple principles and strategies and enjoy the amazing and rewarding journey that being a parent can be.
Enjoying your Parenting is A SHORTCUT
Being a parent is the biggest responsibility you will ever have and many parent’s continually worry if they are doing a good job.
They continually compare themselves to other parent’s causing unneeded stress in the process.
After raising Four children of my own, 12 grandchildren and over 15,000 children in our childcare centres we have discovered some guiding principles that when followed create transformational changes in the level of enjoyment parent’s get from this adventure, and result in happy, healthy relationships with each other.

Watch why Sarah Harris Believes what we do is a gamechanger in raising children

Introducing "Enjoying Your Parenting" A simple guide to enjoy being a parent without the stress!

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Inside Of This Book, Here Are A Few Of The Secrets That You’ll Be Given For FREE…

  • How to help your children know that they are valued which increases their self respect (page 37)
  • ​How to find your authentic identity as a parent while increasing your confidence and self esteem (page 11)
  • ​Simple steps to helping your children believe in themselves so they can handle the future challenges life will deliver (page 72)
  • ​How to build strong family connections (page 47)
  • ​The psychology of overcoming fear and anxiety (page 134)
  • ​How to deal with fear and self doubt so they they develop their internal strength (page 127)
  • ​Why laughter really is the best medicine (page 92)

And That's JUST The First 70 Pages...

You'll Also Get The Australian Parent Consumer Guide
to Child Care & Early Literacy And SO MUCH MORE!

 Here’s what to do next!

I felt compelled to write this book after observing literally thousands of parent’s being stressed and anxious about how good a parent they were and if they were doing the right thing.

So I have written this book and printed a few thousand copies, and when they are gone… well, they’re gone! 

If this page is still here then the offer is live. But I reserve the right to pull it down at any time.

I wrote this book to help parents really enjoy this amazing part of their lives (trust me, it is over too quick for my liking.) 

If you receive the book and do not love the knowledge that I share with you just email me or call the number on your receipt and I’ll give your money back with no questions asked.

Sound fair?
So Claim Your Copy Now before They’re All Gone…
Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Susanna and Rob Bateman
Owner and Operators of Little Miracles Child Care
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