About Me

After raising four children, being blessed with 12 adorable grandchildren and helping thousands of parents with the raising of their kids through our 10 little miracle childcare centres I have developed an uncanny ability to help parents manoeuvre this amazing experience called parenting while at the same time help them enjoy this wonderful time in their lives that is over all to quickly.

My work with children does not stop with our childcare centres. Rob (my husband) and our entire family are continually travelling the world going to places like India, Rwanda and Jarkarta to help underprivileged children get an education and give them the ability to read.

We have found that giving children just this one Foundational skill, allows them to achieve so much more in life.

I hope the knowledge I share here with you will help you on this roller coaster ride called parenting.

– Susanna Bateman – Founders & Licensee

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Over the last 20 years we have been perfecting our way of helping parent’s raise their little miracles. Our Focus has been on helping nurture great relationships and ensuring all children are amazing readers and absolutely love literacy by the time they start school. In fact we have a 93.7% success rate from our “Teach Your Toddler To Read” program.

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