For Every Parent who has ever wondered “Am I doing this right?”

If you have a family one of the biggest concerns many parents have is if they are being good parents!

And many times this creates unnecessary stress and worry.

After raising my own family and over 10,000 children in our Little Miracle Child Care centre’s I am here to let you know that there are no “PERFECT PARENTS” out there.

And the good news is that’s OK. My goal is to help you Stop worrying, and start enjoying parenting.

If you are someone who really cares about making a difference in your child’s life then you will love the information I share.

  • We will cover topics like:
  • How to develop strong family connections
  • The golden rules for healthy role modelling
  • How to build unshakeable confidence and self respect
  • And much much more.
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Introducing "Enjoying Your Parenting" A simple guide to enjoy being a parent without the stress!
Need More Help?

We get training when we become Doctors, lawyers tradesmen etc. But we never got an instruction manual to be parents! If you would like to join us on one of our Enjoying Parenting Retreats so you can learn simple strategies to build happy healthy relationships with your spouse and your children then click below to learn more

Welcome to the Rollercoaster Ride of Parenting Podcast

Welcome to the Rollercoaster Ride of Parenting Podcast with your hosts Jennie, Ben and Susanna! We’ll be having authentic conversations around the challenges we have faced and are still working through, based on our individual and collective perspectives. This podcast is an opportunity to share more tips and tricks around the challenges that parents face. It is our hope that through our shared knowledge, experiences and conversations we help you to better embrace your parenting and enjoy your rollercoaster ride!